A piece a Week – The Reverse Applique Skirt

Last weeks post I started a reverse applique project that has turned into somewhat of a habit that I am enjoying! This is the skirt I have been working on in panels – I plan to wear this to the Maker Faire coming up on May 15th. I am volunteering with Swap o Rama Rama this year who upcycle clothes into new beginnings. I had a blast last year chatting to so many people and assisting them in their creations! So my outfit is going to consist of upcycled fabric from FabMo and the skirt has been bedazzled 🙂 with a bedazzler from my neighbors yard sale!! The skirt needs some elastic at the top and then it will be complete. I am still working out the top in the same fabric – I am off to collect some more fabric tomorrow if it is still around at FabMo. 
Front of the skirt – bedazzling in progress

The back of the skirt with a double reverse applique.

Also the bandanas have been an excellent portable project – made from the scraps. Here is one I made this week that my daughter likes to wear.

Keep that hair outta my face!
The culmination of all the rehearsals was last weekend taking up the whole weekend my daughter performed in two of the In Wonderland shows and my son was in every one working crew backstage. The show was just incredible so amazing to see the kids in character and so happy to be part of such a wonderful show written and directed by one of our talented parents at school. Even though I was exhausted from driving back and forth to rehearsal I cannot wait until next year’s play – I love theatre so much 😀
The kids before the Friday night show

Having a fun time at the finale song – Here I go again on my own, Going down the only road I’ve ever known!
Check out video – pure 80s!!

The chamomile cast singing together!!
Such a professional production – the kids are so talented.

A piece a Week – A Silk SampleTunic & a Minibar & some ironing board covers!

Back to creating and having the time to play has been so good for me over the last couple of weeks with the kiddos back at school after the Holiday break! I am getting a start on my clothing adventure this year and with a bit of luck (and time on my side!) I will make it happen. 
I found some silk samples at FabMo that I was initially using in a wrap scarf but the fabric was way too beautiful with the embroidered detail that I have used it in this tunic. It looks super cute with jeans and will be perfect for a night out for the Arts Focus reception on Thursday evening – I will have to get some pics of the dress in action!

This dress has pockets too
The back of the dress
Last Thursday as I was driving around the neighborhood I saw this great table with wheels sitting on the side of the road. By the time I came home from school it was still there, score!! I met the owner of the table in the street and she said take it away – yay! I had been thinking about making a minibar at home and here it is… Lift up the leaf of the table, get a glass and mix away!
A rescued table – add a tray, some rum and gin and a succulent for decoration and we are ready to make some cocktails!

A couple of projects sitting on the To Do list since the holidays have been making an ironing board cover for a portable IKEA ironing board for the sewing class at school and as I plan lots of clothes sewing this year – I chose to update the ironing board from Freecycle with inspirational yellow for the craft room.

Getting ready Sew!

The Ironing Board for Arts Focus – vintage floral

A piece a Week – Kids off to Summer Camp, so time to get to work!

In my fourth week of summer vacation with the kiddos it was time for their first summer camp together at Deer Hollow Farm! The kids had a blast with the animals at the farm and really enjoyed milking the cow and painting themselves with Ohlone paint. Lucky kids and it was time for lucky mum!! I had a whole four days of working and catching up on my projects. It was a absolute bliss to have so much time to work away. The weeks on vacation I had no time to do anything as we were traveling and when the kids are home it is best to keep them occupied with friends and having fun going places.

It was time to for me to go through the amazing stash of fabrics I scored at the last FabMo special distribution event and I had bought a fair amount as it was $10 a bag of fabric – perfect for my projects! So I gathered up my pile of work to be done – finishing off a pillow commission project, altering some vintage clothes and adding my new projects and it was a week of creative abandon. Having such precious time I had to plan each day to achieve what I wanted by the end of the week – getting all my excess pieces of UFO’s out of the way made way for new projects for the Textile Art Boutique in a few months time.

I found an interesting tutorial to jazz up pot plants with a fabric pot plant holder and then a friend of mine bought too many pillow inserts so I bought them off her and made some new pillows for my couch and as an added quick craft project the embroidery frame in the background was found at the last FabMo distribution – my sister gave me the amazing fabric from Japan which is perfect for the lounge/kids space.

The last project I worked on was using strips to make a fabric so I took that quilting idea and made a tote bag from some of the fabric that I found in my stash – I was very happy with the result and it was so much fun to experiment!

Missy with the pillows

Some new pillows on the couch and the fabric embroidery frame wall hanging

Jazzed up pot plant

Strips of fabric tote bag

My experimental bag with strips of fabric – so happy!

A piece a Week – Inspiration from a Kelp Monster

I found this great mask washed ashore on the beach when walking along the Morro Strand State Beach. Just doing my usual beach cleanup getting rid of things that I feel should not be part of the beach environment I stash in my pockets until I see a trash can and dispose of whatever it may be. In amongst the kelp I found a halloween mask I imagine that was covered in sand that did not belong in the landscape so I put in in my pocket for throwing away later.

The kelp monster complete with kelp attached

As it turns out I was inspired by this to make some cushions for the kiddos and so far I have managed to make one this week with my stash of FabMo fabrics and trims that I have in my cleaned out studio/spare room!

I wanted to try out a version using greens and of course using the inspiration of kelp made it green too! Using interior design velvet fabric with felt and stretch fabric from an old top it all came together. I like the face and the moveable arms and my son really liked it too which is always a bonus as it was designed with kids in mind. So expect to see some of these in my etsy store in the near future.

Wassup! Mr Kelp Monster!
Flexible arms of kelp – full of action
Secret back pocket to add your pajamas

The culmination of creativity happens this weekend at the Textile Art Boutique

Time is closing in and it is my last week to prepare for the show this Sunday October 27th. I have been working like a busy little bee since the kids went back to school in August. The last couple of months has been intense and very challenging with crazy things happening like a power black out (therefore time dedicated to sew could not happen and I lost hours), my iron giving up the ghost (all fine till I could head on over to Target and grab another one) and a whole week of minimum days for the kids. Even with these time sucks I have managed to create an inventory of over 35 items (13 of which are small hair clips / lapel pins). So here are some highlights of my collection – more can be seen here.

I have loved the organic unfolding of the creations and just working randomly with the fabric. Knowing how many pieces of each item I wanted to create and letting the fabric and colours come together. It has been an incredible experience to be working with colour and experimenting happily. So here goes the following pics are some of my faves!

The colours in the bag are so vibrant – I would be a happy market shopper with this tote

This is a linen fabric by Jim Thomson and it is just beautiful 

The fabric on this reminds me of pixels and the pocket is a cool contrast to the colours

What a sweet little handkerchief embroidered onto a pillow

I used to do a lot of patchwork and my husband said do more so I came up with this with these incredible fabrics

More of the patchwork in a linen fabric

The handbag I have been road testing – oh my I love this fabric so much, it is vintage from the 1930s

This fabric was from a 1970s skirt and now it is a super cute hat – perfect for the beach! 
I love these and they are going to be hair clips or lapel pins as there’s an alligator clip on the back

Sewing away…

Since the kiddos went back to school I have been hard at work creating my range of goodies for the FabMo Textile Art Boutique on the 27th October! Anyhow for those of you that are not familiar with all the goodness FabMo do for the community here is the lowdown… FabMo (a non-profit) collect interior design fabric samples and other bits and pieces to distribute to the public once a month to purchase by the bagful! You are only limited to your imagination as to what you can make.

Talk about getting organised… Here are some pics of my Domestic Goddess range that includes aprons, cushions, pincushions, totes and bags – whew! There has been a lot of cutting and sewing going on in my little craft room.

A work in progress – this may have been a curtain in a previous life!

Here are a few of the bags and totes that I have made from cotton/linen samples and even a sample from Missoni, super special indeed.

The finished tote bag lined with cotton

A tote bag made from a stiff exterior fabric embellished with a pocket

A linen/cotton tote with Missoni fabric pocket detail

These bags are amazing – I could only make a couple as the raw silk was the size of a curtain length and these bags are quite large, perfect for the market.

Superstar raw silk bag with a gorgeous patterned pocket

Come on down for some gifts for ya pals!

Hello folks, just a message from Mr Ash to say come on over to my school with your list of holiday gifts for this years Holiday Boutique, – 10% of sales goes back to my school! My mum has a stall there selling accessories, decorations, shrugs and scarves – crafted out of yarn and upcycled materials. Here is a sample of a bracelet, it looks cool with my dragonfly tattoo! Here is the address for Stevenson PACT so come on by on Thursday November 17th 2011 from 12:30pm to 6:00pm for some great holiday specials.

Busy as a bee – the preXmas posting

Alice bands with FabMo Yo Yos – yarn wrapped series 1

Alice bands with FabMo Yo Yos – yarn wrapped series 2

Alice bands black with FabMo Yo Yos

Alice bands with buttons and bling – yarn wrapped series 3

Yarn wrapped bracelets – yarn from Yarnia in Portland

Detail of the bracelets – vivid colours!

Upcycled Corian sample magnets – ready for the boutique

Eco Deco for your tree 

Upcycled laminex samples for decorating and such

Ash making sure that the tree is not for sale!

As there is a Holiday Boutique this week at my sons school I’ve been collecting my stock and adding some new upcycled materials from an amazing source right here in MV – FabMo. The selection of fabric is amazing but the thing is, what do I do with it? As I do not have a sewing machine at the moment (working on that one, one day I hope to source one!) So Yo Yo’s came to mind as I had some colourful silks that were really wanting to be used. As my daugther’s hair is always in her face I thought some Alice Bands might be a nice addition to the collection. I’ve been teaching sewing to the kids at school so with that inspiration I decided to try some hand sewing 🙂

The bracelets are from yarn I sourced when I was in Portland – a shop called Yarnia a DIY yarn store. I bought many cones of yarn when I was there and since they have been used for scarves, shrugs and now bracelets. As I had a theme of upcycled materials I decided to use them in this collection. The yarn at Yarnia is mill ends which the store then blends together for custom cones or readymade with the help of the staff. What a wonderful idea for yarn that would just end up in landfill.

The square Corian magnets are also from FabMo – again a bunch of samples that I’ve glued pictures to and then varnished. Lovely to add to the fridge for a bit of nature in the kitchen.

The Eco Deco’s for the tree are from FabMo and made from Laminex samples – I decided that I enjoy nature so why not hang it on my tree – hey they can be hung where ever you please! Still another great way to use materials that would just end up in landfill.

They will be up for sale this week at the Holiday Boutique on Thursday 17 November from 12:30 to 6pm at Stevenson PACT Elementary in Mountain View.