NaBloPoMo – Day 12 – My cats like Vegemite!

I wanted to introduce you to my cats as they have not featured for a while – they are my best buddies and I love to hang out with them. Mack who is 9 is a lovely older boy and Bella who is nearly 1 is such a loving kitty who we adopted this year. They both love Vegemite, I mean who wouldn’t it’s salty goodness is irresistible – well to us Australians anyway! Really to have pets is the best thing and so far in our household we have two beta fish as well and lots of plants to look after. The kids like snails but they are kept way out of the garden and in the park down the road. Yes it was a fairly busy day with sewing so I will save that excitement for another day when I get the SLR out for the photo shoot.

So here are the cats pictures from today…

Mack looking lovely, does not like the camera

Bella is photogenic at times and gets a bit annoyed when I chase her around with my camera phone!