What the … ?


Ahh yeah, just let me kick you in the nuts!


This week was back to everything including my study which I had not really paid attention to for the last couple of weeks while we were away in Washington State. The time there with the family was just so perfect 😀 and so well needed the shock of coming back to reality is rough!

Anyway, I have been hibernating with my assessments and heater in my sewing room most of the last week as I have 3 assessments due in the next 2 weeks. One I have been fully focussing on is an oral assignment, recorded in Soundcloud and submitted as a link. I love how online courses embrace the technology for assessments so we truly learn something new as we are studying – the challenge is exhilarating!

Another assessment is in Prezi – a program I have played with the kids recording their voices for presentations though this one is a huge presentation on Learning Theories and to top it off it is a group assignment. Our group has me in California, 1 member in Sydney and 2 members in Melbourne and we are nearly complete in our presentation though I need to write a reflective essay of the process to go with it – whew!

The kids enjoy seeing mum study though any excuse for them to get on their machines and watch YouTube – yes I do watch YouTube videos in my course but only for educational purposes only 😉 Still balancing life and study is tricky and I am finding it challenging it will make it all worth it, positive education for all is truly a priority for the future.

  A #pussyhat – one of the many I have been knitting this week! 

Back to the What the…? I have to not look at the news and mostly Facebook as it does not do me any good looking at what is happening here in the US. It is truly depressing stuff to see the madness that is happening but the light is that I am working on knitting up some pussyhats for the Women’s March here in San Jose in between my University studies and hanging out with the kiddos and family. A friend of mine asked me if I would like to go with her and a bunch of other ladies in a carpool to the march – and of course, I said HELL YEAH! So I then agreed to knit up some hats for the march here and I also got some thicker yarn to send away toWashington for the huge women’s march on the 21st January. We will be wearing our #pussyhats here in San Jose on the same day in solidarity with our sisters!

Lately I have had this Marvin Gaye song in my head for some reason…

Talkin’, talkin’ to the people
Tryin’ to get them to go your way
Tellin’ lies, not to worry
That we won’t be led astray

So blind, unsignified
Your opponents always lying
Think about the mistakes you make
I believe America’s at stake

You know, busin’, busin’ is the issue
If you have a plan wager
If you have a plan
If you’ve got a master plan

Got to vote for you
Hey hey, got to vote for you
You’re the man
We don’t want to hear no more lies

About how you planned a compromise
We want our dollar value increased
Employment to rise
The nation’s taxation

Is causin’ all, all this inflation
Don’t give us no V sign
Turn around and rob the people blind
Economics is the issue

Do you have a plan wager?
‘Cause if you’ve got a master plan
Got to vote for you
You’re the man

(8 times, over scat singing):
Don’t you understand?
There’s misery in the land
(One version fades out during this; read further for a longer version)
People marching on Washington
Better hear what they have to say
‘Cause the tables just might turn against you, brother
Set around Election Day
Politics and hypocrites
Is turning us all into lunatics
Can you take the guns from our sons?
Right all the wrongs this administration has done?
Peace and freedom is the issue
Do you have a plan wager?
If you’ve got a plan
If you’ve got a master plan
Got to vote for you
Hey hey, got to vote for you
‘Cause you’re the man
(repeat and fade):
Got to vote for you

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