A piece a Week – A dress for a Night out at the Museum

My whole focus this week was making a dress for a night out to the California Academy of Sciences this Friday. I found this lovely silk chiffon fabric and had to line it with a shiny cotton from Japan. It is such a beautiful combination of colours. My last couple of steps to complete this project is to hem it and hand sew in the facing which needs to be done during the day because of the best light! To accessorize I found a beaded bolero at the vintage store downtown and I have some lovely shiny jewels to compliment the colours on the dress – the complete outfit will come together Friday – yay it is very exciting to get dressed up for a night on the town! 
Silky dress with pockets
The weekend was a Deepavali (South Indian name for Diwali) party at our friends place – I did not have a sari to wear but I found this lovely sequin dress at the vintage store on Friday so what better excuse than the Festival of Light to wear many sequins! We played with lots of fireworks outside with the kiddos and ate some delicious food and enjoyed excellent conversation. 
Photobombed by Missy! 

Outside getting some firework action! 

And tomorrow the 17 November I will be teaching a How to Make an Infinity Scarf workshop at the Mountain View Library, all on the machine and this time the machines are threaded and ready to sew! The fabric was found at FabMo – they had about 4 bolts of this stretch rayon fabric so it is has the perfect drape for this project. It is a fairly easy project so I am looking forward to see how the sewing students enjoy it tomorrow night 🙂

Infinity Scarf workshop at the library

A piece a Week – Embroidered Cuffs for a workshop at the Library

As part of the Sew Sew with FabMo workshops at the Mountain View Library I am teaching little sewing projects so folks can experiment with the fabrics that FabMo has on offer. This month on September 29 I am presenting an embroidered cuff workshop using crafting thread, snaps and FabMo fabric – if you are interested register at the library here.
Embroidered cuff workshop at the Mountain View Library September 29 2015
It has been fun to experiment with these fabrics and see what works – I have prepped the strips of fabric ready to go and be transformed into a fun cuff for the Autumn weather. This week is a no go with our last blast of summer – with warm temperatures for the whole week! 
FabMo fabric cuff sample ideas for the workshop

Also this week my Vitamix has been in action creating some tasty concoctions with the fruit and veggies I have in the fridge! The green smoothie with Kale is one of my favorites with cucumber, kale, apple, pear and lemon juice was so refreshing and so good for you with the addition of chia seeds.

My new BFF the Vitamix!

I experimented with figs and raspberries to get this beautiful colored almond milk smoothie and with the addition of banana and mint the combination was divine.

Fig almond smoothie

A piece a Week – The library workshop and a sock cat!

This week was totally taken over by the preparation of the workshop for the Mountain View Library. We had 15 people show up for the event and 4 machines and a serger & 2 volunteers and myself to teach the workshop. The workshop was a patchwork tote using FabMo fabric interior design 8″ and 12″ squares. Everyone was really enthusiastic about the project and wanted to completed their tote! For a challenge to the sewers in the class I added make a french seam on either side seam as a featured technique. I made a couple of videos for those who had to finish the project at home – part 1 https://vimeo.com/134362917 & part 2 https://vimeo.com/134363222. I did have a student who was super keen to finish so here is the completed bag by one happy maker!

Meredith with her 12″ square patchwork tote

The other side of her bag with the how to sheet 

Time out on the weekend was spent heading to San Francisco to finally see the Circus Bella show. Missy did a circus camp at the beginning of the summer and the teachers were from Circus Bella and she really loved it. The show was part of a series of free shows and is perfect for a day out to the city. This was at Mission Bay just across from the Caltrain being super easy to get to!

Chilling out waiting for the show in the shade! 
Cat rescue on the fireman’s pole!

Post show the music was a bit loud so Missy hid somewhere for a while to get some peace and quiet!

This easy craft was created this week with the kids orphan socks and we found this craft in an old magazine and it is a fabulous idea for any old socks. This is Stripey the sock kitty! 
With Stripey the DIY sock kitty

A piece a Week – A tote bag sample for the Local Library Workshop

I am getting excited about teaching folks how to make a patchwork bag from 8″ squares from FabMo fabric samples. The Library Services Manager asked if I would like to host a workshop sometime at the library and this has been months in the making. Between busy schedules of myself, the library and FabMo we finally have set a date for June 25. It will be a creative collaboration presented by FabMo and the Mountain View Library and the totes will be free to take home to whoever wants to make one. The fun thing is that there are so many designs and patterns to choose from and every bag will be a one of a kind!

If you have ever wanted to try out sewing or would like to make a patchwork bag register at the library – flyers to be out soon… watch this space!!

Snacking tote made from 8″ pieces sunset, sky and grass side

Snacking tote made from 8″ pieces – pink & grey side

Lunchin’ tote made from 8″ pieces
Beach tote made from 12″ pieces

B side of the Beach tote made from 12″ pieces

Our kids craft project this week is pom poms – it was fine for the first one or two and Missy decided she wanted to make a snowman. I should have a picture of that guy but he got terribly squashed in my bag so here is our rainbow pom pom hanging happily at the front door.