Grateful 39/52

Finally, I have reached the end of the 12 week teaching period for Uni. I have to say it has been a bit of a struggle getting on with things with being in lockdown for weeks and just wanting to be outside when the sun is shining. Still, I have managed to get through and now this week is all about creating and making – catching up on so many fun projects that have been sitting in the craft cupboard. It was a super sunny Sunday so I got out the drill and made a couple of mobiles for decorating the outdoor space at my work, the kindergarten. I am pretty excited to see them up high as they are so bright and colourful. The kids at kinder had painted some corks so I got those drilled and wired ready to hang. With that project done, I have also been making crochet pencil caddies for the teacher I work with and they look super cool.

This week I have been needle felting a scarf in rainbow colours, as well as a bit of sewing with my daughter and pulling apart clothes to make them into items I would actually wear! I am lacking in skirts so I have a couple to complete this week. I also need to make a pinafore that I enjoy wearing to work. So this week I am thankful for the brain space and having the time to create in peace in the sunshine with my cat outside. I love it!

Grateful 38/52

Here we are another week in lockdown and it is to continue until October 26 the earliest – that is if we reach full vaccination targets of 80%! Well, all I can say about this week was that it was so good to be outside with the 5 children in my care as it was just like a mini playdate. All day from 9am to 4pm we were outside – playing, gardening, planting seeds and crafting. As my friend says to me channel my inner Calypso when I am in kinder teacher mode. That is what I need to think of, to finally complete my degree – which will be next year!

My son got into a local arts program and Northern College of Arts and Technology for his last 2 years of high school, which is very exciting for him. I am very excited, as I know as an artist it is a journey and it will be so good for him to experiment with the visual arts as well as work on interactive design. I hope he gets so much out of it! Applied learning is the best and is such a wonderful way to engage with the arts.

It was certainly count down with work last week as I am now on holidays for two weeks with the kids. They get their vaccinations tomorrow, which is so good! Now I am on holidays and I have one more assignment to do. I need to film myself presenting a lesson!! It is either wear one of my many hats or dye my hair. Man I miss my hairdresser, I have not seen him since April!! Talk about looking like Calypso with a doggie hairdo :/ Anyway, I am so grateful for some time off, I have been so anxious about being at work in a pandemic with having no idea where the kids have been. It will be good just to be at my house getting this last assignment done and dusted this week!! This last one is 50% so it is a big one, but I have one third done now and a bit more writing and filming to complete it. I have a goal of crafting and baking a babka before I go back to work on the 4th, so here’s to getting it done in plenty of time!!

Grateful 37/52

Where to start for this week! I finished my placement with a wonderful report from my mentor teacher. Got rid of one more assignment. I went back to my usual work and it was so good to be back. The native sage above is out in bloom and I found that super cool graffiti on the wall on the scout hall next door to my work.

End the Lockdown says it all if only our stupid Australian Government got their shit together to make it happen we would be fine by now. But no, they are a bunch of idiots who totally messed up the vaccine rollout and now we are trying to get the kids vaccinated too, it is really hard to make an appointment. One day we will get there and who would have thought that we would be back in this mess again! It is quite a shit show here in Victoria and I cannot see an end in sight for a while.

I am only annoyed because I am an authorised worker in a lockdown having to work with transmitters of the virus – children. There are just close to 2000 cases of children 0-9 at the moment. But the light is that I am fully vaccinated and that it is spring and the sun is shining. At least for now, I can take the children outside all day so we do not share air inside. So I am then grateful for having a beautiful space I can spend my work days outside in the sunshine, so good to see the birds and enjoy the shade of the trees – it is the best 😀

Grateful 36/52

Keep on smiling as I have one more day to go for my placement with the 0-2 year old infants. What a time I have had and have learnt so much. It is so different to kindergarten but I enjoyed it though I was so tired by the end of last week! I am not used to working full time at all!!

Above are some of the learning experiences I created for the children which they enjoyed. There are two more weeks of term to go and then we are on holidays but still in lockdown – boo hoo! So no planned holidays for us. Just getting my work done for Uni and having some time to hang out in the garden and just chill!! Grateful for the placement experience these last 3 weeks.

Grateful 35/52

Well what can I say except I am so tired from being in lockdown and having to be an authorised worker. I came home from my childcare placement the other day saying “it’s got me, covid’s got me!!” and then went out to get tested in my car. Turns out I had no Covid, just pure exhaustion. I have had to go to work as it is my 3rd Uni placement, so two to go next year. What I have to be thankful for this week is the time out on my bike in the cold, cold mornings and riding home in the beautiful sunshine to de-escalate my day, ahhh! So lovely to ride on the bike path surrounded by all the tags and amazing colour. Thankful for living near the city and access to this super cool bike trail! Oh and I am fully vaccinated now, that is definitely something to be thankful for!!!

Grateful 34/52

Even though our lockdown 6.0 has been extended due to the Coronavirus Delta variant there was plenty to be grateful for. Time in the garden watching bees in my spring flowers and sewing on a sunny Sunday afternoon with my helper Apricot. I was thinking due to lockdown my placement would be cancelled but it went ahead as I was deemed an authorised worker within a long day care centre and it was a wonderful way to end the week with a rainbow on the way to work in the morning.

I have been taking time off the big class of 30 children at the kindergarten so I could stay well for my vaccination this week and it has been so good to catch up on Uni assignments and feel a bit more grounded in this magic roundabout of life at the moment. I have been so concerned about staying well, so I decided I would take a couple of days off without pay to get myself grounded again. So thankful for this time, as life has been a whirlwind of work, uni, lockdowns and no time with friends (except on FaceTime)!

Grateful 33/52

We are still in lockdown 6.0 and it has been quite a busy week with the usual – being an essential worker at the kindergarten and also uni work! The weekend was amazing so it was time to get my worms in the ground and get my vegetable garden happening.

I was so excited by the end of the week as my Subpod arrived at long last to I dug a hole and buried it in my vegetable garden with the 1000 worms I ordered in the mail. It was certainly something to look forward to with the sunshine over the weekend. I was truly grateful for time to enjoy the outdoors and prepare my garden for the spring.

During the week I worked with the children making pipe cleaner dolls and had to use beads to make the bodies rather than use yarn. The kids really enjoyed it!

Grateful 32/52

Time to create, even thought it was with the children at work was something that I was grateful for this week. In between trying to balance study time and work, we are into lockdown 6.0. This meant that my hairdresser appointment was cancelled for the 4th time. Still I got my assignment submitted before deadline as I had the time! No FOMO for me 😀

Grateful 31/52

Finally we are out of lockdown 5.0 after 14 days in our 5km radius. Today was a sunny day, so we had the wheels to get us out of the city with our lovely comfortable car. With the beautiful weather (it is still cold even though the sun is shining) we went for a drive that is 1.5 hours away from our home. These pics are from the great mountain ash forests of Victoria, a place called Wirrawilla Rainforest walk in Toolangi National Forest. With every amazing old growth forest there is a back story and were prime logging territory from 1909 these forests regenerated after a bushfire in 1939 and up until the 1950s the big old trees were coming down to make cladding the roofs of Victorian houses.

We also discovered that this forest is threatened again, as the surrounding forest has been slashed and burned for copy paper – such a disaster! Australia with its lack of respect for our environment love their free resources for a select few people – who will be dead in 20 years, pocketing the money and ruining an ancient ecosystem. The carbon capture of these forests is what we need to protect!! I found out there is a campaign that has been running for years to save this incredible pocket of wilderness which we enjoyed today and it is the Great Forest National Park. Here’s to making that a reality.

I stand with these amazing giants and I will be there to protect them in whatever way that is humanly possible and it is for places like this that exist that I am grateful for. When I wander these places, I feel that my body resets itself towards what I really care about and I feel grounded again. Today after the rains we did get stuck in the mud as we were walking but it was so worth it!! I love this place and I would come back again, hopefully soon x

PS – the fungi in amongst the fallen logs were just beautiful to see. I watched the film Fantastic Fungi on Friday and I appreciate how important these little beauties are for everything.