Grateful 15/52

This is the second week of school holidays and we are so thankful of being together as a family and having this incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature, the colours, the air, the ocean, the beaches, the wind, rain, and sunshine. So many elements we can enjoy, so happy to be out and about in amongst places we have never seen – so grateful for these moments!

Grateful 14/52

What a week it has been with my daughter’s birthday celebration, easter and my 50 years around the sun! Definitely many things to be grateful for this week and the weekend is still moving along – so tonight I celebrate with a cocktail and a meal with family and friends. On top of everything I have been finalising my essay on inclusive education! Moving along in teeny tiny chunks and I will get there!! Time for a nanna nap I reckon 😀

Grateful 13/52

What is there to be grateful for this week? After a week of sickness the weekend cheered me up with such wonderful experiences beginning with a trip to my hairdresser. Later that evening I was so happy to have gone to the CERES harvest festival which began with an Indigenous smoking ceremony and Welcome to Country with Uncle Bill. That was such a special experience where the smoke takes away the negative energy to make me feel that what I am doing is purposeful. We later celebrated with a Japanese feast for my daughter who is turning 13 tomorrow – now that is hard to fathom. I am grateful for health, happiness and love – a trifecta that just keeps on giving.

Grateful 12/52

Man just when I think nothing exciting happened this week I look at my pics from the week and discover I have heaps to be grateful for! Big early morning skies from my lounge room window, knowing that with community in my neighbourhood the kids I teach are learning about sustainability and taking care of the earth, finding the best use of dinosaurs for a fence installation.

A fab vintage find from someone in my neighbourhood who collects vintage and shares her finds on Insta. And my little friend Apricot always make me happy as I love to give her lots of pats. Yep plenty to be grateful for even though my life is starting to get super busy with Uni assignments and work, it really makes the weeks fly by!!

Grateful 11/52

What an amazing last week of holidays just getting that time to myself and a friend suggesting we go to my favourite place CERES for brunch. We enjoyed a delicious sandwich from their COVID modified menu and went to check out the playground with the giant millipede. I am so happy that we live so close to this amazing place of inspiration for me, I just love it so much! I have to say I am a dedicated Re-Gen person with wanting to plant things in pots around my house and my garden and I look for ideas everywhere I go now. It is wonderful how addictive plants are 😀

Grateful 10/52

This week was the last week of my Uni break so I enjoyed it in style by taking myself out to see as much art and nature as I could in the two free days I had. It was so lovely to not have a schedule and just wander around and enjoy the environment and enjoy a coffee and brunch. Whenever I feel stressed I will have to transport myself back to this free time, so grateful.

Grateful 8/52

This week I have started a gratitude journal. So to make it a bit personalised I found an old Sunset magazine and collaged away. My daily jottings have been to be grateful for what is in relation to me, my partners and my environment. Some highlights are I am grateful for good friends that I have had for ages – where we can talk about anything together, family time together watching a fun film ‘Buddymoon’ and I am thankful for air conditioning and being comfortable in our house during this last blast of heat all week.

Grateful 7/52

This week I am grateful for solo excursions that challenge me out of my comfort zone. Wandering out to the shops to pick up my new glasses I was wanted to see if Kmart had any new Bluey toys with my fave character – Calypso. They did not, so as I was looking for sheet sets I walked through the garden area and lo and behold I found a great little terrarium. Perfect for my succulent cuttings that have broken off. This is the beginning and I will see how it grows. I spray painted it green and sits on the dining table getting the afternoon sun and I mist it everyday.

There is so much time I like to spend pottering around with my indoor plants, this week I continued on little excursions around the place, when I went to the chiropractor. I then caught the tram back to walk home past the nursery! It takes all my willpower not to go in there. But I had spied an opportunity on our wall shelves that would benefit with a plant that loves to cascade down the shelves, so a Golden Pothos – Devils Ivy in yellow came to mind. Now the shelves look gorgeous with more greenery in amongst the books.