Traveling with a DSLR


This morning I woke up thinking what about my camera – which lens will I take and how will I carry it! The small dilemmas you have when you are trying to pack lightly for a 2 month vacation. So I got out my lenses and found an old Sigma lens the 18-50mm and took a few pics to see how that would go and it will be perfect. I love the most versatile Canon 24-105mm lens I usually use all the time, but that is a haul to carry around. I took some pics with the Sigma around the garden and it looks like that will be the G O.


My other option to carry the body is using the Canon EF 50mm which┬áis super light and takes some super special shots, perfect for faffing around on a day trip somewhere where you don’t need to zoom in peoples faces.

There you go – some example photos from the two lenses and the choice to carry both, my iPhone camera is fine but runs out of space really quickly so it is way better to have an endless supply of shots on hand, who knows what I can capture!