Small Purse from 8″ Squares

Pencil Roll 

Double Drawstring Bag

Infinity Scarf

Fabric Ornaments

Felt Heart Pins

Halloween Treat Bag

Embroidered Cuff Tutorial

Patchwork Tote Tutorial

Pipe cleaner dolls

LED Cuff Tutorial

Diagram of how to make an LED Cuff

Yarn Octopus video tutorial

Felt Stuffed Animals

Felt emoji keyring

Freestyle embroidery

Activity: Embroidery using decorative stitches onto muslin square.

Demonstrate stitches

  • Each child gets a 12”x12” muslin square, hoop and embroidery floss with needle.
  • Draw own design or trace pre-printed design onto fabric with pencil.
  • Stitch over design onto cloth.
  • Show interesting stitches and ways to fill in
  • Solid lines – different stitches – back stitch 
  • Use the running stitch on lines for the drawings or traced pictures

Fleece Hats

Sew on the curved side of the hat (need to locate the pattern)
Sew hat using the running stitch, stitches need to be small and close together
Add a fringe in seam (if desired)
Applique fleece designs on hat